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Friday, August 26, 2011

JJ Swiss Rolls from Ipoh

Assorted flavoured Swiss Rolls
 Contact JJ Swiss Rolls 佳佳蛋卷
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Walnut Swiss Rolls

Pastor Jacinta was just done her RC job in Penang HI just a day before PJU HI, on the first day of HI R.Seminar,  and she brought us some famous Swiss rolls from Ipoh, and she grab me to the corner and make sure I have some of those, some good things wanna share with her beloved! How sweet is she.

Here I can be the witness, the walnut rolls was delicious, so do all others Swiss rolls.

Sis Jacinta did ask me about the differences between other swiss rolls, I told her, I like the cream very very much, and also the flavours are new to me, especially walnut rolls. Because these are also for others to enjoy, I didn't take all the flavour, only taken coffee, and walnut. I do like the cream, JJ swiss rolls comes with extra cream than others.

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