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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to relieve bodyheat after taking durian

 It's common to us every after durian, we are expected some 'side effects', first direct effect is 'durian burps', then some mouth ulcers start growing, some headache, some suffering from constipation, but honestly.... I don't really care much, simply just can't resist!

But I do have little tip to share:

I will prepare a bottle of salt water, after taking durian, pour salt water in one of the lobules of durian shell, and drink it direct from the shell, it helps relieve body from overheat.

To get rid of durian smell from finger tips, rinse fingers from the water that in a lobule of durian shell, you may also rub fingers on a lobule.

To get rid of durian burps, take a small piece of pineapple immediately.

Happy eating durian!

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