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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Hike At Gunung Bunga Buah

This was my last minute plan, and also the first activity with MOTH, I met a few of old friends who I have known them in previous waterfall tracks and camping trips, love to meet them.

Woke up early at 5am, went with Yani to Kelana Jaya meeting point at 6:15am, started the journey 45 minutes after due to miss-communication. 8:20am we arrived in Gotong Jaya, most of the hikers were there and about to start the hike, after a group photo, this group of 40 hikers off for Gn. Bunga Buah.

The entry of this hike is the lorong in between the two rows of shops, there were a vegie farm on the left, walk along the way turn left step into a higher level of farm walk on the path thru the farm towards a small track, this is the starting point of the hike, it was a tough beginning, almost 80 degree, hike up all the way, big steps, I really thought of giving up and felt regret of coming to this hike, that was so tiring.... this is at the first km...

... continues another 2km of upwards hike, I nearly tearing.... but I told myself: 'No, you are not going to give up, you can make it!" this sentence kept recapping in my mind, to keep me going on. After the 3 km of upward hike, finally we reach to the tar road, heard from a hiker, this is the old Genting road, it is about 30 to 40 degree slope, that I thought would help relieve my muscle, never knew..... hahaha this is about 4km walk way.... , I did enjoy walking in this road, walked thru the plants, I saw the power of nature, these little plants have grown so much that they have rooted around the area and crack the tar road, then we realized there were never a man conquer the nature, but the nature conquer the man and the things build by human.

I liked the weather in this place, cooling. After this long path of walking, here start another 5km upward climb, 2km longer than the first. Here was how I feel, I totally have changed my thought and mind at this point, unlike the first 2km, I am quite prepared now, and I was totally happy that I was there, at this time, all my mind was 'keep going, you are near to the peak!'.

And as I climb, higher and higher, what gave me the strength? I thought thru the journey now.... I was definitely tired that time, there is nothing that could change this truth ( how I hoped). As I hiked, I took out my first sandwich (4 layers, ooh!) eat while I was hiking and chatting with Elaine Choo, that diverted us from thinking of 'tireness', the place gets mossy, and I like these little plant so much ... so much, you will never knew how much love i have for these little plant, I glanced at them with a pair of beautiful-loving eyes, and I told 'them', 'You are beautiful, God wonderfully have made you!'. And as we hiked higher (I don't know how high we were), the place looked like the jungle in a fairy tale, the feeling when you make every step on the path, like you are stepping on a carpet, it was soft, and bouncy, the ground have been filled by the fallen leaves, loved the feeling, I will definitely not going to forget them.

It is great to be at the top of the mountain. Look at this picture, you could actually see the clouds are below where you were standing. The temperature got lower here.

Never have imagined, the whole journey back and flow is 24km! total of the hiking time is 7 hours.

Here is the same spot I took the previous picture, I looked tired, still trying to greet you with a nice 'smile' which I have tried my best.....(snapped many shot! Believe me, this is the best shot I could ever get from that moment!)

We are already at the peak, having lunch at this point, look at me, this is my best 'fulfilled' smile I never had smiled like this before, Oh my goodness, I have made it to the peak! My face could really tell!!!!

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