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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Carmelite Monastry in Seremban

"A secret place' claimed sister Jacinta, 'come with me, the place only open to public twice a year, one is on Easter Sunday, another is on Christmas Sunday.'

Wow, that is interesting... everybody thought so, and hence there were 6 cars (fully filled) in a row, driving down to Seremban after Easter Sunday service.

Despite of the heavy rain along the journey in highway, everybody's mind was just dominant by the curiosity of this 'secret place'.

After many turnings, and some traffic adventures...(someone lost in the way), finally everybody arrived with peace.

The place is big, it has huge compound, I climbed up to the table at the hut, I looked into their inner garden... big!

We were told that these sisters staying inside, they can't come out, not a single day in a year! Not even meeting people on Sunday's services. All their mission is praying, praying for nation, praying for the world, praying for all people.

Here are some 'rules' to follow.

Jesus' (wooden crafted) statue was hanging in the hut where I took my peeped. Click here Carmelite Monastry web album for more photos.

We were waiting for sister Maurine, ex classmate of Pastor Jacinta. We questioned Pastor Jacinta why she got acquainted with her, this is a powerful testimony, please ask Jacinta personally, I am sure she would like to share this wonderful work God has done in her life!

Many of us can't figure it out why they have such calling, perhaps it is too deep for us to understand....

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