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Friday, April 24, 2009

Count My Blessings

It’s been quite rough days for me, but better focus on counting my blessings rather than my trials. I have a lot to be grateful for—family, friends, health, and talents.

I’ve always felt that being actively listing and talking about the good things in my life has had a positive effect.

In one set of observations, college students kept a diary, with some instructed to write about how they felt grateful and others told to concentrate on daily hassles or routine events.

There were fewer illnesses among the “gratitude” group, the researchers found that emphasizing gratefulness improved satisfaction with their lives, as well as their amount and quality of sleep. That study involved observations from the participants and family members.

And so here I go...

I have HIM, who gives me all that I lack, I have Gab, who are super precious! I have family and friends that all care and forgiving. I am smart and beauty (I know some are a little prejudice, ha), but think twice, at least I am grateful for who I am.

I have all senses that function well, I know some are stoic, most importantly I am so thankful that I can express how I feel and what I think.

I am positive, though I found I think a lot, nevertheless the final result is always at least most of the time!

Is that so little....?

Praise the Lord, this is a sudden pour out, oops ..... I am stuck-up!

My dear friends, can you help me?

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