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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does God joke?

This is an interesting question right? many will tell ... 'no, God says what He meant!'. I believe it, God does not joke.

I thought thru and thru, checking all the characters mentioned in Bible, God is faithful, God is just, God is love, God is great.... many more but never mentioned God jokes.

Recent incident, indeed it is an answer for an extra-ordinary issue; From the beginning, God started it (of course I prayed for it) and Asked for confirmation many many times, I was doubt and refused to accept to be true, and as days went by, prayers continued, assurance kept coming ... and I grew to understand His way of working, and I learned to accept, and learned to obey, and it was this time I learned that God's answer is immediate, He led step by step, He solved every doubt I've had, and He calmed me down, It was such a sweet time I had had with God.

Months ago, desperately, helplessly, longingly, I cried, I plead for clue to my fate. He showed me an extra-ordinary scene from outside my window while I was teaching, He answered: 'you must wait!'. "Wait?", He said "wait!", my indignant reply. This is a big word to me, because it was the time I wanted to give up. Have you came across the situation where you were up set about the result, and you didn't have any clue or better way to go, and you have been waiting for the best time to go, now you decided to give up, because you just don't want to go anymore deeper, someone came by and said: 'You must wait! '

Last month, I asked Him again, "By faith I have asked, and am claiming your Word.", "I'm needing a 'ýes,' or even a 'no' to which I can quit, I am very tiring about this. Then He replied, I learned of my fate, as my dear Father answered once again, "You must wait."

Today, I have got the 'answer' (not from God), which I should have got it a year ago, but this is not what God has told, I am here to wait for 'another' 'no'? What a joke! .... I did not weary, trying to understand the whole incident, and at last I realized, God does not joke, God promised Israelite for the Canaan Land, His people refused to obey and trust in His word, and so the blessing felt onto another generation that God raised to inherit His abundancy.

In this path that I am walking, not alone, He is with me, teaching me every lesson .... it is an extra-ordinary experience, I learned how God works thing, I learned God's plan is higher than any one's plan, He is my shelter, my lover, my friend, I tell him everything, I trust His answer.

This is not the end of the path, I will continue to walk, I am not afraid, I will not be strayed, I will not doubt His plan, He will lead me to a higher place.

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