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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Debbie and Grace Visit

Both Debbie and Grace got acquainted with each other the first time, they were so 'clicked' to each other, I didn't plan for this gathering, Debbie came just to pass me a pair of jeans that she bought, as a CNY wear, she is kind and generous, she have offered me tones of things, but most of all is her love and care, I am thankful for her.

This is also my first tasted Fedani Chocolates, marvelous tastes of pure chocolate, chocolate is my favourite, simply love them. Le chocolat éprouver - a Chocolate experience

Precious bites... Fidani Crunches collection

Precious moments
A template that I made from a rejected shot, surprised me with just the wordings I did,
it is so nice that I couldn't have imagined that I have just created.

Loving the time to spend with sisters that are understanding, loving and caring.

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grace said...

I am so amazed how you made the photos so beautiful..

Keep it up!

Jane Lee said...

Hey, thanks!

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