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Friday, January 16, 2009

Breakfast for two....

In the Friday morning, where I don't have morning classes, as I woke up, headed to kitchen the first thing I do was to prepare things that are needed for the breakfast, Gab walked to me, and said wanted to cook the breakfast. This is not the first time he cooks, I taught him years ago, each time he'll be happy to help me beating the egg mixture.

As he is 8 years old, physically is well developed (as to day age), as a mom (adventurous mom) I'd love him to do the cooking without any hesitation, now... here he goes!

He is preparing the egg mixture.

My work is to guide him and take photos, he did all the cooking ...

As he is cooking, he said: "Actually hor, (mom)my, I like cooking."
(ok, he said that years ago too..... but kids keep changing)

He is satisfied with the breakfast he cooked.

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