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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gab wrote a note

On the 6th January 2009, I had a piano lesson at 8am, while I was about to start the lesson, after setting up, I saw a paper on top of a red drawer chest, a short note on a small blue paper, here he wrote in pencil:

bad day and live

I hate to play piano

and my mom allwast

call me to ply piano And

she like to call my


I smiled after reading the note. I went to him (he was still sleeping), tickled him, that is what usually I do to wake him up. I told him that I read the note, and also told him stories of famous pianists, he listened, and kept quiet. I felt the joy being able to communicate and share our thoughts.

Such a sweet boy I have, at least he expresses his thought in words, this is not the first time, there was another time he wrote:

Jane Lee has a good ....boy.

He wrote it on my computer table, I still keeping this short note he wrote, I love him, and encourage him to express what his thought is. We chat, he is a sentimental boy, and he likes to give surprise to me, helping me to re-arrange our home furniture, decorate the hall with his toys, then he will just keep quiet till I notice the differences. He'll pluck a wild flower give it to me, how romantic he is, really thank God for giving me such a wonderful boy.

Give thanks to the Lord once again.

Brayden and Gabriel

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