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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Give thanks to the Lord

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! He knows what is best for us, He is our planner, He has the perfect plan in our lives. Through the years, I have been learning, am still learning to trust Him, there were still times that I doubt His plans and doubt His presence, times that I questioned Him, many 'whys' have been asked.

Home is where my heart goes...

Thanks for His grace and mercy, He never forsake me. He answers my doubts and whys patiently, till I feel the shame of asking all these questions again and again, He is so real. At times that I was crying for His presence, times that I was calling for His answers, you would never had imagined the way He gives the answer, but He is just waiting next to me, waiting for me to realize that He is with me all the time, How loving is He, He never fail to attend to me, He never fail to listen to every single prayer that I made, He never fail to show His love.

It is hard to believe, it is hard to accept, it is hard to understand, but God is in control, just trust and obey. He knows my name, He knows every thought I have, He hears my call..... to Him I shall trust! The omnipotent Lord.

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