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Monday, January 19, 2009

Strata Fall - Tanjung Malim

Strata Fall - Tanjung Malim

Took the entry at Diamond Creek, walked through an Oil Palm Plantation for about an hour, and hike into stream, walk along the stream about one hour, there were a few small falls along the stream, and a bit of rock climbing is needed, it is quite a hard trek, breath gasping all the way!

When you about to see a few remnants of chopped tree trunks laying down in the middle of the stream, the main fall is not far away, just a few meter hike.

The fall is tall, and stiff, but consider it a friendly waterfall, that there are many small plants growing on the wall of this fall, they give colour to this fall. It has a small pool that is formed by a huge rock in a shallow dish shape, that offers us a good place to swim about and to dwell in the waterfall.

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