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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Kingdom Kidz was having an Orientation Day, we usually have this on the first Sunday of every year, to introduce Kingdom Kidz operation time, purposes, classes and this year another new criteria being introduced with is Serving Ministries.

Since two years ago, KK started taking children who are 9 or even younger depends on their maturity to serve as helper in class, to serve in LCD projector, computer - prepare slides that are going to use for Sunday praise and worship, to serve as musicians, to serve in PA system.

This year we would like to make it a big thing for serving in God Kingdom. All ministries are being announced one by one, in order children and parents know what are the ways we learn, and grow in KK.

There were a few children have been chosen in serving as probate helpers, meaning they are given 3 months time to learn and help in the class before promoting to be a helper.

There were two incidents that touched my heart on this Orientation Day. first, a 10 year-old boy walked to me with a smiley face, he said: "I am so happy that I become a helper." I gave him a hug we used to do be to encourage him.

Second, another 10 year-old boy was allocated as Omega class helper which I am teaching. Let me tell you more about this boy. He was in this class for the past two years, he is a smart boy, he answered most of the quiz, he did work fast, he listened to the story each time I tell a bible story, well he also talked nonsense... a lot. He is such a smart boy that he can't stay still, he likes to disturb friends, he is talkative, even when he is not talking he will somehow makes some noise from paper, pencil, chair or table....

This very day, I guessed he was surprised to be the chosen one to serve as helper, he was totally a different boy I used to know, he sat quietly but attentively, he helped to take care of little children (those are just 2 years younger than him.). Such an amazing change in him.

Actually we saw quite a number of boys whose life changed after serving God.

If they children are growing in Sunday School, by the age of 8, they can now tell the bible story to you instead of listening, in this case, why waste the talent, KK starts training them in serving, they grow, they learn while serving God. Yes they do have some character to have fine-tuned, who doesn't? Even we as adult have some character flaws.

It is good to draw their attention to serving people rather than focus on their character flaws. Life is a progression, if they are in God's kingdom, why wait till they know how to serve, start serving from young.

In Kingdom Kidz, youth playing drum, keyboard in praise and worship, being emcee, children serve as psalmist, prepare slides, checking PA system, marking attendance, prepare food, teaching object lessons, helping in the class, taking care of toddler... children now run the children church, mobilize a generation, give children an opportunity to serve in God's kingdom.

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