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Monday, January 21, 2013

I mind loh~

It has been such long time that I couldn't find anything to blog about except sewing...

Say thanks to this incident... helplessly.

Big big incident just happened that I found out my close friend has just blocked me in facebook when I try to find her profile to write her a letter of apology. What did she do that? How do I feel? I really can't control what she does and why she did that, but I know clearly how I feel. I am so self-centred, am I not?

What did I do to make her so angry about me? Yeah, I admit that I was being very harsh to her and neglected her emotion and feeling. My bad.... it is really my weakness, pride. Because she is not the first 'victim', I know... at least a few more out there. What a failure, I admit, I failed this exam Lord.

What has she done to make me so angry about her? I don't want to mention it. Everyone is in a different shoe.

Just reconciled a relationship with another sister last month, I did my confession with her, and thankfully she was kind and patience to listen to my bunch of nonsensical confrontations.

My bad that I was being so blunt and harsh in words to confront her, I knew I was wrong, I made my apology immediately after the incident and told her why I was so angry about her. She kept quiet and continue sewing, asking questions and helps on things she was not sure. I made another time of apology when she left my house.

I still care about her after a few days, I wanted to send her a letter yesterday, this was when I found that she blocked me from communicating with her. I tried to sms her via phone, asked another friend to help in a group message. She didn't reply. The last move asked her husband to help but I think she told him off.

How do I feel? I do know how I feel. I do mind about the act she did to BLOCK me, I do mind.

I shall then keep this relationship in prayer, I need her acknowledgement before any further action.

I am (still am) such a harsh person. being so direct in words, Lord I failed this test about 'self-control', 'pride', 'patience', 'giving', 'generous'.... I am so reluctant to ask God to give me these.... as I know if I ask of it, I will have to face more of these in order to be trained to overcome these. I must why pray that God will make a way for both of us.

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