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Monday, January 7, 2013

Single Handle Applique Quited Tote Bag

 Appliqué Rose Quilt is the technique I picked up in Quilting level 2 workshop last Friday,  in this workshop I learned what two plain fabrics could make a fabulous tote bag, a monkey knot - I love this knot, have seen madam (Epal owner) uses this for her pin cushion, it is so useful, when it is wrapped with marble ball, it can make as accessory to handles.

I am so happy with this bag.

In the evening, Elaine came by with a helper to help me fix oven, I remember she gave me a tote bag embroidered with a Bible verse John 3:16, and this thought came to me, to give this bag to Elaine,

Bobbin work, use bobbin work  for thick thread to sew leaves.
Rose Appliqué Quilting technique makes quilting fun 
Sewing  the word 'Joy' on a wimp
A boxy base gives this flat tote bag a dimension look.  

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