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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Somehow.... warm.

Boon has a coin pouch, is a Christmas present I made for him, he uses it for house keys and remote control. I love seeing someone using the thing I made for them, it is somehow.... warm to me.

He came to me yesterday night, asking if I could modify the coin pouch, make it a little smaller, and put a metal ring beside so that he could hook a bunch of key, preferably that I could put a flexi hook so he could take in and out without hassle.

I look at it, asking him for the prefered size, I told him I can make another one and he could use this big coin pouch for other purposes.

I was happy that he asked me for something he wants specifically, I love sewing stuff for the people I love, knowing that they are using stuff that is made from my own hands. Somehow..... warm, that is the feeling I have.

So quickly rush home, did the measurement, dug out fabrics, took a look of all that I have, most of them are faminine printing. And I bought a piece of faux leather that I only used a small piece for boyz wallet, hmm... perhaps it is a good idea to make this small pouch from faux leather.

So you see it... it was cute. Can't wait to post it up, quickly took a snap from HTC phone though I know it can't give a good shot but.... I can't wait!

Immediately I got some orders, requested for a card pouch, slightly wider.

And I love proclaiming this ever since I read Joel's book, "God's favour is upon me~ " and a BIG Amen for that.

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