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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ain't no more baking business

Many of friends were so concern about why have I not been baking lately, perhaps they thought :'Oh she must be busy sewing and fed up with baking, some one just heat for 3 minutes.

They came to me to find out why, I feel like writing it down, whoever cares will read.

Baking is so fun, like cooking, learning to bake and to cook that you like to eat is so fun, especially decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Baking is like cooking, a lot of washing, it contains butter in most of recipes, and it needs many baking tools to make one cake done and looks gorgeous.

Each baking takes about half an  hour least on preparation, 45 minutes on baking, 30 minutes or more of washing...

Yes, this washing up is the part that I can't bear.

As a musician, I practise often, until I found some kind of weird feeling on my both hands, I know I have done too much with water, that weaken my strength, some how different.

And so I need to take good care of my hands, I try not to bake often by then.

It has nothing do to because of I getting bored over baking.

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