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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I found GREEN people

Gin, is the owner of TCD artisan bakery cafe, visited the shop many times, love the food that they serve, especially the Aussie Pizza and Aglio Olio.
The interior is country style, one side of the wall painted in green, that is my favourite style and favourite colour, it gives a cozy feeling and enhances surrounding ambience. Just love this place and its food nevertheless quite pricy.

The best is Gin welcomed handmade product, I tried to approach her last year in November with those coin pouches, the response was good. This time I have left Quilted Patchwork bag, keychain pouch, and 3 sling bags in her shop.

I was rather worrisome that she would refuse the bags because they are quite costly, but that prove me wrong, she loves it instead. She loves the Quilted Patchwork bag, she is a GREEN people like me, she is the COUNTRY people like who??? Me...

I left the shop with a prayer, nothing but: "God's favour is upon me, and people have favour upon my sewing, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

Gab was happy to see everything went smooth and excited of the sales I made for coin pouches. Thankful for him, someone to share my happyiness with.
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