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Monday, January 30, 2012

Replacement German Cookies

As earlier, this friend of mine is asking if I could replace or refund to her friend who has baught two boxes of German cookies from me, although I requested to make an apology and communicate to this buyer but has failed, I was qutie sad for not able to communicate, I couldn't fall asleep for days! Anyhow I have decided to send her these two boxes of replacement.

However, I managed to get this buyer facebook profile later after the delivery, sent her a message, I'm glad to find out more about her feeling and thought, she finished the two boxes of cookies she baught earlier, and happy with the taste. Regarding the burnt base, there were 3 cookies, she wanted to let me know it would be good not to include them in future. And I will keep this in mind and be more sensitive to the heart of a buyer.

End well sleep well!
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