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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

French Creole Style Sauteed Prawns

Crevettes Saute St Lucia - French Creole Style Sauteed Prawns

·         12 large prawns , peeled with tails left on
·         salt and pepper , for seasoning
·         2 teaspoons green peppercorns , crushed
·         garlic cloves , peeled and crushed
·         100 g butter
·         lime, juice of
·         2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
·         chopped parsley
·         salt and pepper
·         olive oil
For Garnish
·         red peppers or green peppers or yellow pepper , cut into thin strips
·         lime , quartered for garnish
Heat olive oil in small frying pan and add the seasoned prawns. When the prawns are sealed, put in a hot oven for five minutes.
After removing the pan from the oven, add your butter, parsley, garlic, green peppercorns, Worcestershire sauce and lime juice.
Mix together until the sauce is creamy, then serve on a hot plate. Garnish with strips of peppers and lime.

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