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Thursday, January 5, 2012

"I will get use to it!"

Gab is standard 5 this year, a busy year for UPSR preparation, all schools are giving intensive tuition after school from Monday to Friday, which will start from next month, by then his school shall only be finished at 3pm or 3.45pm, all my music class starts from 2pm, I wouldn't have free time to do picking up, and sending to another tuition.

There is only one best choice to solve my headache- Day Care; he'll be well taken care of, someone will pick him up from school, checking his homework + another round of tuition until 5:45pm, and is cheaper than sending him to different individual-tuition, which is a perfect plan to me, but it doesn't sound good to him though.

Yesterday was his first day in center, hmm....even though I was busy with my 'duty' some church works and teachings, I felt a little lonely, thinking of  him the whole afternoon, wondering if he's doing well?

We chatted about his day in center last night, he told me there's no one washing their feet after entering the building, but he did, I encouraged him not to quit this good habit, he nodded his head; the floor was rather sandy, and he said: "I am not use to it........ (paused) but I will get use to it!"

Everybody has to memorize 20 vocab, and some manage 50, he barely made 20, I told him that he'll get better with constant practice, and I will be there to support and help him, he smiled because he knows this is good for him.

This is his first day in day care.


Debbie Lee said...

I like the idea of learning new vocab just like when Oprah Winfrey was forced by her father to learn a new vocab everyday. See how she turns up now.

I can see the benefits of this arrangements. Something big going to happen. We shall see the abundance that God has prepared. Amen.

Jane Lee said...

Amen for that, God has the perfect plan for us, so for you! And all things work for the good.

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