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Friday, January 27, 2012

Feedback on CNY German Cookies

I've just gotten a feedback, "Inside got 5-6 burnt cookies and the cookies cannot hold, crumble into pieces before even eating."     

I have decided to bake another replacement and deliver to this friend directly. 

There are 4 things I need to clarify:

1) I admit the burnt cookies, I shouldn't have put them in, I believe mom feel it's alright, as the cookies tastes nicer when it is a little burnt (base). 

2) The softness of this cookies is it's uniqueness, I have been taking this since 10 years ago, it's my cousin who baked this every Chinese New Year, me and my family like this recipe because of it's softness. 

3) I didn't add more flour to get harder and firmer cookies. Indeed I used more flour and changed the recipe last year, it did give me firm and harder cookies further more, I can make more cookies by adding in more flour. But I honour the original recipe which I got it from my cousin, and she did ask me to stick on the original recipe.

4) No chemical ingredient is used in this, not even a bit of baking soda. 

Things I've learnt from my precious friends, it's ok to vary recipe (more flour)to bring out the better result and better quality of this cookies. I need the customer for self collection to avoid unnecessary collision. 

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