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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tabur West Maiden Hike

Have been to Bukit Tabur East many times, with Gab once, it was nice no doubt, I like the feeling of standing next to the edge on a  high place and looking down.

Feel the breeze, viewing the fascinating panorama scene of God's creation!

Compare to Bukit Tabur East, West is much enjoyable, longer distance, many ups and downs of rock climbing.

Thank God for today's wonderful weather, we met up at Deen's Restaurant at about 5:45am, besides 3 old friends, I've met another 14 of new hikers, 10 were from Singapore.

It drizzled in the early morning which defeated our initial plan, we hoped to catch the sunrise but this mission unfulfilled. Well it did give us a pleasant hike, cold breeze through the climbing, and a fascinating view of Sea Mist over Klang Gates Dam.

How tiny we are...

Despite of the toughness of climbing, enjoyed the fun and joy we had on the top.

Some good things to share from a Singapore hiker, using of Chinese medication "Watermelon Frost" could actually help to stanch bleeding. Especially good for leech bites.

See, something good to hike with new friends, you will never know what you could get!


johnnie lim said...

so glad you could make it Jane and was fun to have to around to teach the "balle" class

Jane Lee said...

Yeah, I considered myself very lucky, first at the cliff, going down 90° walking around a big rock, I remembered most of them hugged the big rock to cross over, and there came a Chinese seasoned hiker to give us an instruction before my turn, it is just as easy as 1,2,3, then follow by the bridge edge, met the Malay hiker again just before my turn, he taught us the ballet dance step, made it so easy again. So lucky were we!

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