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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love affair

Warnings: Read this article with parental guide.

Ever since from young, I have a habit, is to rub and smell my blankie, even if it is ripped, throwing it away is never an idea for me, never the idea of washing too  :P 

 I can't remember did I ever washed my blankie, hehehe, but I remember my mom did! Well, it is not hygienic, children must not follow!

I love my blankie.... the love affair! So reluctant to have it washed..... No~ no~...


johnnie lim said...

that was your security blanket. lol.
remind me of linus from the cartoon strip Peanuts

Jane Lee said...

Ya, perhaps you are right, my security blankie... ha, I need it when I am alone, when I am down, when I am lost...

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