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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Balloon Arch for SCF 20th Anniversary Celebration

Tomorrow is SCF 20th Anniversary Celebration, I was assigned to ready an balloon arch, I had no idea what to do, usually just play around with colours, since the official colours are gold and white, just headed to Taipan's balloon's shop to get those.

Very impressed with the arch stationed at the door of this shop, and first thing came to my mind was "hm, good idea, save time, don't have to pump so many balloons!", it could be my phobia, because it hurts my left hand muscles; another thing came to my mind was "Save cost!" .  "I'm going to make this arch!" Nope, I haven't tried this before, but it has no difficulty I guessed. 

So here I go to get only 50s of gold and white round balloons, 12 of tube 260 balloons, actually needed 8, if you are in ballooning sculpturing, you will know what I meant for taking extra.

The 50s of round gold and white balloons were not enough, I got to go back to get another 20s gold and 20s white round balloons in the evening.

With the help of other youths to get those balloons pumped, and Daniel's helped sculpturing, thankful for their initiative help. 

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