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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home made Dry Lo Mein

Full-egged noodles, bought from morning market.

Break up noodles before boiling.

 Slide in noodles into boiling water.

Cooling off once for better tenderness.

Put cooked noodles into plate to mix well with black thick sauce and oil.

This is home cooked 'Char-siew', my mom's recipe, one day.... one day I will learn from her!

We used to cut 'Char-Siew' with scissors, therefore it is rather thick, well, who cares? As long as it is tasted great!

Things need to prepare before hand:
  1. Home made Lard Residue (I think it is corretly called) 猪油渣 
  1. Onion oil
  1. Thick black sauce
  1. Boiled spinach

Allow myself to present to you, my lunch :- home cooked Dry Lo Mein

I don't call it 'Wanton Needle' because I don't have 'wanton' to go with it.

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