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Thursday, July 21, 2011


A HIKER'S TEN COMMANDMENTS   is compiled by Johnnie Lim, this doc is being shared by him in Southern Hikers facebook group. 

  1. Have a good rest on the eve of the event(that means no late night, sleep early)
  2. Be on Time at the meet up point.(not fair to others who came early)
  3. Do not litter.What you take up remember to bring them down(and dispose at proper dustbin)
  4. Do not chop down young tree, if you need a walking stick look for a dead tree(nature conservation )
  5. Think safety- no super hero stuff(dont endanger your life and that of others)
  6. Look out for one another(particularly those who are new)
  7. Listen to good advice from experience hikers
  8. Never go out alone.(even for experience hikers)-you will never know what can happen
  9. Come prepared and well equipped(enough drinking water, proper hiking shoes-that means no crocks or slippers)
  10. Do not overestimate yourself.(know your limit)
  11. ©johnnie lim

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