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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cherry Tomato

A special way to appreciate tomato.
Many of us do not like to take tomato, I was one of you, it really took me a long time, I never liked tomato, not until recent years... because I want to teach Gabriel how to appreciate tomato, this mission has yet to accomplish though.... I will never give up, keep on trying and searching ways to learn to appreciate the special taste God has created tomato to be.

During last Christmas, Ng's family held a gathering in Jin Kiat's newly renovated house, and we had lots of food, one that impressed me was this one, sour plum staffed in cherry tomato, or cherry tomato staffed with sour plum, whatever, but it really make it easier to swallow those cherry tomatoes, I have to declare, I like tomatoes now, I don't have problem of eating them. But this combination really makes it easier to consume it if you do not like tomato taste that much. If you have the problem of taking tomato, try this recipe.
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