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Friday, January 29, 2010

KRG Missionary Fund Raising - Cards and Bookmarks

Last Sunday was the first meet, together with Ashley the cards making lover, Joe Khong ID designer, Kit Khong graphic designer, Phoebe, Colin and Angela, Hui Theng and friends. Finally we have our first session which have been talking to Ashley since last year, because both of us love crafting. But by looking on the gadget she has got, wow, pro-card maker, who am I? I am just an amateur.

I was sorry that couldn't help much but taking photos, I was too busy running around that day, meeting at Dream Hub, some 'Alpha Team blogging' thingy discussion over another corner... so sorry to Ashley which really stressed her up in my absence.

For the first few hours, they have to cut out bookmarks in desired size, print out Bible verses that encourage, that bring hopes and love, have them cut. Then proceed on designs and patterns. Phoebe, Joe and Kit the siblings were doing good job on this, undeniably Ashley has done the great job on that as well as quality check.

Once design is out, Colin and Angela the couple will start the mass production, hope they enjoying the process being repeatedly stamping and pasting.

Good job for all of you.


Jane Lee

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