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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lata Hammer is extremely dangerous

I read many posting regarding the latest tragedy after my close friend brought up this incident, it happened at The Lata Hammer waterfall - Bentong, Siti Mazidah Zulkifli, 24 drowned, a friend of my facebook friend. And this time is his 3rd friend died at the same spot according to the news, I felt sad to hear about this accident and condolences to the family and my friend.

However here is some advises and tips from Waterfall Survivor Committees posted in facebook.

And as I read more of the info from friend's status and comments, sadly found out indeed this group of friend suppposingly to join Waterfall Suvivor's event, they went to Lata Hammer because that event from Waterfall Suvivor have 'SHOWN' full in the event page, due to some irresponsible 'goer' and eventually not turning up. Please, friends, don't abuse the use of a 'click'. Be responsible to ourselves, so as others.

It is nothing to blame, but something to learn. Press on!

"Joel, be strong and courageous, God is with you, self-condemnation is not from God, living a life in His truth, press on!"

Waterfalls are beautiful, and they remain beautiful despite of never ending accidents, and nothing could stop us from drawing near to nature, just have to learn the 'language of nature', and don't try to challenge our limited ability, and understand that mother nature is powerful. Nothing we can do to make a change in her rage.

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