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Monday, September 7, 2009


Am I that self-centered? Never do I appreciate self centered people. During the *Utopia, we allow everyone talks about anything, true to our hearts, a friend gave a character analysis on me, I quite liked that, and enjoying it, and happy that he has tried to understand my character, it was quite accurate and acceptable . . . . . but one described me as self centered person, erm.... quite acceptable, I am those, Sad . . . . but not angry, it's time to analyze / think why he said so.

I read this:

Recognize And Deal With Self-Centered People

After reading this, I found myself not like that, hmm...... thinking again.

I may be standing firm to my point of view, but I'd never forced people to accept what my perception is, I may be talking a lot of my insight (in my blog), but I'd never wanted you to agree what my insight is.

I may be emotional, but I seldom will affect people around me, hmm...... may be not ( I showed a lot to my ex, Ooops!) but, I think I am better now after accepted Christ, might not be that perfect yet, but at least has changed a lot. (yet to be proven!)

Conclusion, I may have some dots of self-centered person, not that much though, I just have my point of view, but I don't need all friends to follow what my thinking, I won't let my friend suffer or feel bad if I am not in good mood. I may look pride if I don't agree with your perception, I am sorry about that, true, perhaps I did not know how to react my expression or control my emotional well, but I think I can handle it better next time.

Jane Lee

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