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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camping at KKB Dreamland

KKB Heights, is actually my friend Mun Wah's dream land, I think he wanted to get the feel before he decided to buy a land and build a home for his retirement (Ooops!), so a few of his die hard friends inclusive of me, going with him for the 'feeling good camping'.

After Sunday service, we had lunch in church, telling friends about the camping trip we are going to have, surprisingly attracted Beh's family and Joel to join us, so off they went to the trip, we have Mun Wah the 'Ju Gok', Boon Hiang's family, Ben's family, Beh's family, Edwin's family, Joe Khong, Jasmine Chee, Debbie, Joel Khor, Gabriel and me.

The weather was fantastic, like the time I had in Penang, me and Debbie kept praising God for the weather.

As I arrived, was happy to see a house is built, but still under renovation, so all of us went into the house had a tour around the place, this house locating at a fascinating point, where you could see the sun rise from East, and sun set from West, that day was quite a gloomy day, a short drizzle, but not that cold enough to give us a cloudy and misty feel as we visited at the first time last year in November.

We came out a good suggestion, to camp in the house, toilet system is set, with lights, so Ben and May eventually decided to stay over night, we shouted hooray for this arrangement, without the house, they would have gone home.

After the early dinner in a restaurant, we headed back to KKB Heights to set up our tents, Ben's family with toddler will stay inside the house, the rest were living in tents.

Mun Wah quickly started his bartender row, to preparing Bacardi cocktail, with the help of Alice Ding to rinse mint leaves, he cut limes, he brought an interesting tool, stainless steel muddler, pro man! The cocktail really attracted our little bees..... and a little young adult - Joel Khor (hehehe, '小黑'!)

Then we had a praise and worship session plus some 经典重温 oldies revised, most of us are in the same era, growing up with those same singers! Enjoyed the singing.

At about almost 11:30pm, that was too late for the toddlers and kids, I felt so bad for not being sensitive enough of their needs, we should have moved down to our camp site for the singing, we created a lot of noise, though, hoping them will also enjoy our 'presence', Oops, sorry!

Left a few of us, Mun Wah, Joe, Debbie, Jasmine, Cynthia and me, continued our fellowship, Ben joined in later. The crazy chat lasted to about 2am, 'crazy chat?' yeah, almost all of us got tipsy because of wines.

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