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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The joy of blogging and facebooking

I received several comments from friends and relatives, those that have not known me well. Frankly, relatives only meet once or twice a year during Chinese New Year and some important occasions, we do chat but not that deep into your mind.

Facebook is one of the greatest communicating invention, it allows me to keep connected with friends and relatives, more to my relatives, they started realize how positive and beautiful I have in my life through the sharing photos of recent activities.

Blogging is one of my greatest finds, here I shared not only my photos of recent activities, I could share my thoughts, my circumstances, my joy, my struggles, though I did not post up most of my struggles and sadness incidents, which I chose not to post them, because I'd like to share positives info, I'd like my sharing brings hope, would carry encouragement elements rather than tear down and judgement.

Therefore, facebook, blogs and web album are just one part of me, most of the time, the happy side of me, please do not misunderstand by I am just disguising myself, making myself look perfect and nice, no... please, no body in this world is perfect! I do have the ugly and bad side.

You know, a lot of time when we chat, we will find some chat mates like to boast a lot of their lives, their doings, may be you think differently, I don't like to boast, or perhaps their intention is to share, ended up I feel like boasting, more than just merely sharing, unless you have a good skill of communication. Or perhaps I have a wrong perception on this issue, but I feel more comfortable to share it through blogs.

May be you think that blogging and facebooking are like revealing yourself nakedly to everybody, m... then, I have different perception as you do.

There are always have good side and bad side on something, depend on which perspective you are standing with.

No matter what, I love blogging, where I express better, and at anytime, anywhere by mean.

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