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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Penang prep-backpacker trip: Day 2 plain walking

Day 2, it was a rainy day. Both of us slept at 9:30pm, woke up at 9am, washed-up and went for free breakfast at coffee shop located at level 2 in YMCA building. There are choices from set A and B, free flow of coffee and tea. We chose Set A for today, because set B is a porridge set, we both like to have continental breakfast.

It was still raining after our breakfast, therefore we spent some time in the coffee shop read some books. Till about 12pm, the rain stopped, we then started walking to Komtar, and took a free shuttle bus (MPPP Rapid Penang CAT is a free shuttle bus service that ply the streets of George Town. It was launched on Friday, 23 January, 2009. CAT, which stands for Central Area Transit, is an initiative of the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) and Rapid Penang. It covers a route from Weld Quay to Penang Road and back. Along the way, it makes 19 stops at strategic points of interest. The service runs from 6:00 am in the morning until 12:00 am midnight. Apart from the route around Komtar, the shuttle service ply roads within the core and buffer zones of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site.) to Weld Quay for ferry ride.

Gab felt curious about the ferry, he ran down to the vehicles compartment.

It is free from Georgetown to Butterworth, coming back fare is RM1.20 for adult, RM0.60 for children. We had a short walk around the station in Butterworth, then come back again, nothing much around the station.

It was a good ride.

From Weld Quay, we walked to Lebuh Chulia, looking for a place to have lunch, then we saw Kapitan restaurant which has famous naan and tandoori. Tasty and sufficient lunch. Chulia Street is one of the oldest streets in George Town, many old and handicraft business still running.
Then kept walking along Jln Chulia, going through the small lorongs too, cam to Jln L.Canon '椰脚街' for this Koay Teow T'ng, with Eel Fish Ball. I had a bowl of it, phew.... ate a lot. They serve nice kopi!! Must try this if you come to this shop.
We had a memorable walk in Khoo Kong Si, and Cheah Kong Si.
Then we went to Fort Corn Wallis, sadly it closed early. So he spent a short time in the playground next to Fort Corn Wallis, the rainy clouds were getting closer towards us, before we caught a bus, the rain poured down heavily, one fun thing happened, at that time we were so cold, I was happy to see a bus came towards, I waved my hand hardly, as soon as the door opened I shouted "go" and rammed up to the bus, but I didn't see Gab, that gave me a shocked, I ran down from the bus and looked for him, and found him hide behind a tree! That made all the passangers in the bus laughed.
This is our second day, the bus took us back to Komtar, then we walked back to YMCA. We didn't go out both nights, enjoyed TV programs and rested in the room, we had our dinner in YMCA 747 seafood restaurant, this was expensive..... sigh! The food was nice.

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