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Friday, July 31, 2009

What it takes to have a day of cooking?

If only you cook, you will know it! What it takes to have a day of cooking? It really took the whole night, from preparation, till the last job - mopping is done.

Just a meal of two of us, so many wash-up, and cleaning. It is still worth of all these jobs, because that proves I can cook!!


I have two good things to share with cooking mom, or ladies who cook:

  • one is the Max Power Kitchen Cleaner can get it from Cosway retailing shop around neighbourhood, that really can keep your kitchen grease-free, after a wipe, spray onto the surface, wipe it again with clean cloth, then your counter top will be clean and oil-less (grease-free).
  • Second is this latex-like cloth, this will keep your counter top dust-free, usually cloth-dust will left behind after the wipes, but this cloth does a good job, clean and dust free. I got it from ACE hardware shop years ago at RM5, I don't know they are still available or not, it is soft when it is wet, and becomes harden when it is dry.

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