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Friday, July 17, 2009

Salute to all cooking mom

I really need to stop myself from giving excuse for not to cook, excuse like 'there is only two of us eating', I met Angela Ng one day in a pasar malam at USJ 1, we had a short chat, and she told me she cooks every day for Colin and herself, that really encouraged me to start cook for Gabriel and me, so I said it, I mean it! No kidding, I went to top up some basic ingredient and spices that needed for simple cooking, and started it last week.

I cooked on Monday, that day Gabriel was having fever, cooked on Wednesday, this day is my off day, and Thursday cooked for Debbie and Elaine, I am very thankful that they really 'bei min' to dine in, that took 'Courage' man!

Well, cooking isn't that hard, so far, I have cooked 'mixed vegie', 'fried beef with ginger and spring onion', 'fried chicken', 'choy sum', 'fried egg with 'choy bou' (my 'la sao xiu choy'), I kind a like cooking indeed, this isn't hard.

But I don't like the cleaning part, 'Huh, that really took out most of my time, to clean up cooktop and hood, mop the floor, wipe the walls, wash the pan and pots, WOW!'

Cooking is easy, but not the cleaning part, give a salute to all moms and dads who cook at home.

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johnnie L said...

there is nothing like a home cooked meal. it might be simple cooking,but taste much better.(and safer too compare to food at restaurant)
sometimes we give excuse , cos it's quite bottersome since only two person eating, might as well eat out.
it takes some effort really.
keep it up.

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