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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sharing love ...

On Thursday 30 July 09, invited two beloved cousins, Elaine and Debbie for dinner before they go for classic alpha setting, they faithful servants of most high.

The last time I cooked chinese dishes, this time I wanted to cook my 'la sao' dish for them, Rusilli in Mushroom sauce, Debbie loved me cooking this, cooked for her once long time ago... feel good to cook for them, cos they are very encouraging, she loved the taste, and asking for ingredient I put... I am so proud of myself (OMG!)

We have had good time, but I don't like them to buy me so many fruit (mangosteen and durian; 'Oooi, Debbie and Elaine, please don't feel 'pai seh' when you come, we are new generation, and our relationship is close enough to skip this kind of traditional chinese value (though it is valuable, but ... arr, very 'mafan' and feel stressed out; I don't usually bring anything in visit to a friend or relative)

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