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Friday, July 24, 2009

Be honest to your heart

Sounds simple?! But it is hard to do it for most of people in the world, I am not doing it well. We speak, we act most of the time is in contrary to our hearts.... hence there is the word in conjunction - regret.

I thought I have learned this well, that is way too pretty I am thinking about my own, but I will never learned...

Because of self-center and esteem, we are trained not to express, believe me, we are. Many areas of consequences to be considered, we will always assume there will cause terrible result, many out comes will turn out once we express what is inside, so we will always keep a 'way' for our 'face' in order to walk out of it beautifully.

It takes great courage to be able to speak what in you, to do what you want, dare to fail! hm, what a word, everybody knows, it is easy to say, who would want to have this if there is a better way (running away from it).

Every experience is a battle scar, none will to go through life unscathed and untouched, become a Christian can't avoid it too, but Jesus has become one that I always be honest to my heart, because He accepts who I am, He will not forsake me, He will walk with me, and be with me, He knows every thinking of mine, He knows exactly how I feel, He feels every little rhythm of my heart.

Life is wonderful, if you could find this best friend.

Jesus is for everyone,
Jane Lee

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