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Monday, July 13, 2009

Gab - home alone

Gab is having fever since Sunday, not waiting for the second service to finish, we went home directly, gave him a tablet of paracetamol, hauled him to bed, summoned him to sleep, but he suggested me to watch a movie, I think:"that is a good idea, I have a few movies awaiting me."

So we watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' which was lent by Debbie months ago. . . (Debbie, finally I watched it, and will return to you next Sunday, thanks!)

I cooked dinner on Sunday. Fish and chips with baked bean and cocktail sausages.

Monday morning, Gab had an appointment with OSSO for bone setting "跌打", this will be the third and the last visit, he sprained his toes last Sunday, he was kicked by a friend of him.

Initially I will send him to school after this treatment, but the fever came back, he had to stay at home ALONE, and will cook porridge as dinner. We went Giant Hypermarket for grocery, brought home some tomatoes, carrot, rice and sesame oil.

I made a plan for him, to keep him occupied, suggest him to make a lapbook about 'gun', so he google searched the topic, copy and paste to document, waiting for me to read through when I am home, and print out those needed.

He cut a piece of manila card into half, folded these two pieces and paste them together to make a double lapbook. At the same time, I get the rice cooker ready with the amount of rice put in the cooker, instruct him how to set the rice cooker, what he needs to do to cook porridge, and keep those marinated cut-beef slices into fridge.

I gave him a call as soon as I finished my last lesson, instruct him once again, from rinsing the rice, dry the pot, set the cooker into porridge mode, slide in the beef, wash the potatoes and carrot, guess what? He did all of those, Gab was quite happy with the cooking, good boy!

Though the porridge did not taste as nice as what my mom cooks, but I told him, we still have to finish all, and continue to cook, our cooking will become better and better. (....what a vision....without vision... we perish...never would want to cook any more...)

Jane Lee

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