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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Understanding Tabernacle

Understanding Tabernacle VS Today's Life

The last lesson of Kingdom Kidz Omega Class was last Sunday, there will be no classes in Dec alone, there we have rehearsal for KK Christmas Evangelic Pafty, Christmas Rally, Sunday Celebration and KK off Sunday, next lesson to be continued would be in January 2016.
Cover of the lapbook Lesson on Worship

Last subject was Lesson on Worship for Kids, I taught this in year 2012, and teaching again this year, still unable to finish the whole lesson, this time we covered till the lesson on Golden Candlestick, as I was teaching "Entering God's Presence", understanding today's life is very much related to the setting of God's tabernacle. Tabernacle was built according to God's instruction, every piece of the furniture in courtyard and inner court has it's meaning to go with our inner self and the relationship to God.
mini little things about worship

I never knew about it until I start teaching it. I have doubted about why teaching Tabernacle, will it be too heavy to kids of 7 and 8 years old? Will they feel bored about it talking about a 'tent' of ancient time...

I was being questioned why the need of teaching, I became very sure of the importance of teaching Tabernacle, it is very interesting indeed, showing and telling kids how every item of the furniture is related to our daily lives, our mentality, our attitude and our hearts toward God.

Previous meeting in JB FGC with Eunice, she showed me that someone sponsored many packets of air dry dough, with various colours, I requested a left over packet that she had in her hand. It was sat on my dining table since then, until this evening I looked at it, pressed on it, on a whim of thought, took them out to mold them into 6 items of furniture in Tabernacle of Israel. Ready to make a simple model for future teaching visual aids.

The complete model of Tabernacle is not built yet, here are the 6 items I have made by using air dry dough (I should have using yellow colour right?)

Simple meaning of each item 

in Tabernacle



Brazen Altar

Burning offering: Jesus is the offering for our sins. We are to give our talents, time, effort to serve in all ways in ministries as our burning offering.

Bronze Laver

To examine our hearts always, to confess and be repented before entering God's presence.

Inner Court

Have Faith and know there is God

 There are three items in inner court

Table of Showbread

First item on the right is table of showbread: Learn and hid God's Word in our hearts.

Golden Lamp stand / Candlestick

Fire: Jesus is The Light of the World
Fruit : Be fruitful and knowing God is watching all the time
Oil: Holy Spirit, all things are possible

Alter of incense

Never cease praying



Holy of Holies

Ark of The Covenant

There are three items are placed in Ark of The Covenant
- The 2 stone tablets of the Ten commandments
- Aaron's Sprouted Rod
- Jar of Manna
The promises of God's salvation, authority and faithfulness

Most of all, a worshipful life is a life without fail of sharing God's salvation.
Teaching kids to share with friends of God's Salvation by using colour felt.

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