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Friday, November 6, 2015

Chinese Lemon Leaves Herbal Tea

Just harvested two large sprigs of Chinese Lemon Leaves, trim off the ends reserve for table centerpiece.
Chinese lemon leaves drinks are good for coughs, lung cleansing, keeping yourself detoxified is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy.

Thermomix Recipe

Jane's Chinese Lemon Leaves Herbal Tea

2 ltr of Water
5 pcs Honey Dates (Optional, if you do not have this, just replace with 120g Rock Sugar)
A 3/4 basket full of Chinese Lemon Leaves (leaves only, rinse with running water to wash away dirt in both sides of leaves)
30g Rock Sugar (Optional)

1) Add water, Insert simmering basket, put in honey dates then Chinese lemon leaves, stack Varoma dish over to prevent splattering. Boil
    V.D / 15 min / 105°C / Speed 3.5

2) Then simmering
     V.D. / 20 min / 98°C / Speed 3.5

3) Remove simmering basket with spatula, Tilt the simmering basket rest and drain it on top of TM bowl.

4) After a few minutes, add rock sugar to stir.
    mc / 20 sec  / speed 2

Serve warm or cold.

*I didn't take the photo of this drinks, never thought of sharing this recipe, as it is quite common to our family, my mom boils it often, it has becoming norm to me.

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