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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Know the math, know to bake!

Back to School Calculation!!

Know the math, know to bake! :) Like what Chinese said: “知己知彼,百战百胜。”  mmmmm, doesn't relate?! Forget about it! 

I know there is this percentage calculation in all bread recipes, like the one in sourdough bread recipes - Calculating Hydration Percentage of Sourdough Starter. That is why you don't need to hunt for recipe and try to collect all recipes for different types of bread, you may write your own recipe if you know the percentage of one nice and soft bread recipe. 

Base on the bread recipe I love the most, which is soft and fluffy - Challah Bread

Bread Flour  100%
Liquid  44%
Butter 9%
Sugar 18%
Dried Yeast 1.2%
Salt 2%

Total of 174%

If you have 300g bread flour

The formula is

 300 x  (the percentage number) then divided by 100

 as I am using phone calculator which doesn't have % in the keypad, and assume you do the same. 

Bread Flour  100%                              300g
Liquid  44% (300 x 44 *100)             132g (egg + milk + cream or just plain water)
Butter 9%    (300 x 9 *100)                27g             
Sugar 18%   (300 x 18 *100)              54g
Dried Yeast 1.2% (300 x 1.2 *100)   3.6g (1 tsp is equal to 2.8g)
Salt 2%

Ok, got it yet? Whenever you use this, you can make all different sizes bread. well of course the sugar and butter ratio are very flexible. 
Only that the ratio between flour:water has to be careful, too less of water gives harder bread.


If you intend to make bread without sugar and butter, then the ratio between flour : water has to be higher in water ratio.

Normal ration to flour alone is 66%

Which means, if you are making bread for just as simple as flour, water, yeast and salt

The ratio goes:

Bread Flour  100%

Liquid  66%

Dried Yeast 1%

Salt 2%

You may also decide how much dough you want. 

If you wish to make only total weight of 500g dough, the total percentage of above soft bread is 174%

So it will be 1.74

Here is the formula
Use the desired number of total weight (500g) divides 1.74

Flour 500g / 1.74  =  287g

Now we know the weight of bread flour
Bread Flour  100%                             287g
Liquid  44% (287 x 44 *100)             126g (egg + milk + cream or just plain water)
Butter 9%    (287 x 9 *100)                26g             
Sugar 18%   (287 x 18 *100)              52g
Dried Yeast 1.2% (287 x 1.2 *100)   3g (1 tsp is equal to 2.8g)
Salt 2%  (287 x 2 *100)                       6g

Total of 174%  = 500g Total weight

Tadah! haha actually.... don't border lah! Just follow whatever recipes you have! 

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