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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mooncakes Cooking Classes Refresh

Refreshing past year events, traditional mooncake private class was the first cooking class I have ever conducted, then followed by Snow Skin Mooncakes conducted in Rawang, private cooking class only cater for 4 participants. It was tiring, as I have to prepare every single thing for participants. I learnt a lot by hosting this cooking class, this was just merely for fun and met new friends.

Here are some of the highlights on that day.

Traditional Mooncakes

Tools needed when making traditional mooncakes

Making mooncakes fun

Some just dropped by to take a look as she didn't have enough time to stay and learn.

Gave some to my music students.

Shanghai Mooncakes 

Shanghai Mooncakes, that is what I love to eat the most.

Snow Skin Mooncakes are the most easiest to make mooncakes.

 Snow Skin Mooncakes 

Pandan is the most common flavour.

Using cookie molds.
Strawberry dough.

Playing with different flavouring and colouring.

Lovely printed.
Mango flavoured.

Dragon Fruits Jelly Mooncakes

Filling some of the spines
The back of gold fish stand out nicer to give 3 D effect.


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