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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jane's Double Lucky Jade 双菇献瑞

Double Lucky Jade 双菇献瑞

Jane's Double Lucky Jade

10 g Olive Oil, 橄榄油
20 g Ginger, sliced, 姜片

1 piece Tomato, cubed, 番茄,切块

180 g Shirataki Noodles, rinsed, 蒟蒻面条,清洗
100 g King Oyster Mushroom(Xing Bao Gu), roll-cut pieces, 杏鲍菇,切滚刀块
150 g Fresh Mushroom, stem removed, 新鲜香菇,洗净去蒂
10 pcs Gingko, 白果
30 g Soy Sauce, 酱油
15 g Sugar,
Pinch of Sat, 少许盐

300 g Broccoli, florets, 青花菜,切小朵

1 sprig Fresh Basil leaves, 一束新鲜九层塔

1. Put in A to sauté  放入A,爆香
     5 min 分钟 / 120°C / speed 速度

    Add B then chop  下 B 再以
    30 sec / speed 速度 7 调和

2. Add C, to cook 加入C,烹煮
    10 min 分钟 / 100°C / Rev 逆转 / Soft speed 匙

3. Add broccoli florets, cook 加入青花菜,烹煮
     2 min 分钟 / 100°C / Rev 逆转 / Soft speed 匙

4. Add basil leaves at  to mix well. 加入九层塔混合
     1 min 分钟 / 100℃ / Rev 逆转 / Soft speed 匙

Drain away extra liquid when serve. 盛盘时沥干多余水分。


*King Oyster mushroom seems to absorb all oil immediately, but do not intend to add water, as water will be out in later stage.
杏鲍菇会很快地吸收所有食油 ,千万不要加水因过后它会自然排出水份。
*Try not to wash mushroom but just wipe it with damp cloth. 不需要用自来水清洗,只需用干净的湿布轻轻地抹便可。

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Shirataki Noodles, I got it from Jaya Grocer in Main Place. Drain away the liquid, rinse with running water in simmering basket, set aside.

Fresh Mushrooms, de-stem.
Shirataki Noodles in simmering basket

Roll-cut King Oyster Mushroom 

Yummy Double Lucky Jades 双菇献瑞 Vegetarian dish represented for Good Luck and prosperous wishing. 双菇素菜肴献瑞,好运气与成功的象征。 好意头...
Posted by Thermomix Fervent Thermist on Thursday, 10 September 2015

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