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Friday, September 4, 2015

Durian Crepe Wraps Video Tutorials

Thermomix Recipe

TM5 Jane's Durian Crepe Wraps / Durian Cream Wraps Recipe

TM5 Jane's Durian Crepe Wraps 

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Durian Cream

400 gram Non Dairy Topping Cream, Chill
200 gram Durian Pulps

Ingredients A

2 Kampung Eggs, (or 1 Extra Large Egg)
30 g Sugar
40 g Butter, Softened

Ingredients B

1 tbsp Potato Starch
60 g Plain Flour
190 g Water
50 g Milk
1 tbsp Vanilla Extract
1 Drop of Yellow Food Colouring


1) Insert butterfly, add cream to whip
mc / 3 min / speed 4 -5
 *keep an eye to the texture, duration needed very much depends on the chilling level of the cream as well as different brands, sometimes shorter, sometimes takes longer time.

2) Add pulps to mix
      mc / 20 sec / speed 2 - 4

    *started it slow then increase speed.
    Transfer to a bowl, wrap with cling wrap.

For Crepes

1) Place A in a clean TM bowl to mix
     mc / 1 min / 37°C / speed 3

2) Add B to mix
     mc / 1 min / speed 1 - 3

Pan Fry Crepe

In a pan on low heat, pour batter from hights, shake the pan to spread batter evenly, as soon as the egg batter is set, flip over to pan, fry one minute, then remove. Continue to pan fry another piece.

Making Egg Crepe 1

Egg crepes 2

Egg crepes 3
Take a look at the egg crepe, rough side up, place a spoonful of durian cream on top, envelop wrap the cream, at last give a slight pressure to help cream spread to every corner of the wrap.

Egg Crepes 4

Egg crepes wraps 5
Now you will have many many many durian crepe wraps.
Enjoy your durian crepe wraps! 

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