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Monday, August 13, 2012

I Believe - Guitar Chords

I Believe                      我相信 (约书亚乐团)
by Planetshakers of Deeper album 
Guitar Chords

Intro 4x :  D - A - D - A   
Verse :
     Bm                A
The rain may fall, The thunder roar, 
        G           G
Yet I believe, I believe 
     Bm                       A
What people may say, Whatever comes my way, 
          G          G
I will believe, I believe
Em                   Bm                D   A
Nothing can separate | me from Your love, 
     Em              Bm            A       A 
So I lift my eyes to heaven and believe
           D               A
You are my God, You are my saviour, 
             Bm                 G
You hold the world within Your hands 
           D                A
You are my God, You are my healer, 
          G                  A
Lord I believe in You, Jesus  
Lord I believe
D       A     Bm       A
|  Hallelujah, | Hallelujah, 
G        A      Bm            A
Hallelujah, | Glory to God

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