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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Favourite all in one

Do you know what is laminated cotton? At first glance, I don't quite like it, because of it's glossy surface, it gives a 'loud' feeling to me,  I like matt and a little gentle... soft look. But as I have to learn to make my first laminated cotton handbag (left pic), and after awhile of using this bag, I fall in love with this material, it is not sticky as I thought it would, it is not as hard as I thought it would. 
I still remember I kept looking at the texture of this fabric, I like to see the thread counts, the fabric is laminated with polyurethane coating. And it is so much different with some other cheaper PVC fabric which the coating does not contain Phthalates and they are not made with vinyl or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), I hope this post helps you to know the difference.

Paisley has been my favourite design of all, I don't know why, I like it's complicity, I like the motives, I like the idea to decorate in and outside of the droplet, I just like it. This laminated cotton comes with paisley in heart shapes design, oh my goodness...... it has everything I love. Sadly... this design fabric does not sell by it own, I have got to buy the package which is RM169 for just 1 meter, now you know why I am not selling this design fabric, because it is too costly. Please don't tell my mom, I actually bought two sets. Phew....... I managed to get just two,and it was SOLD OUT. 

Sling Bag is my best design bag that I ever like to use, simple reason, I don't like heavy bag, I like sling bag as you don't have to keep putting up the dropped handles, and I could carry it wherever without noticing it actually exists. In this size, I won't use wallet, I keep all money in the pocket itself, a camera, handphone, cards, keys, pen, lipstick (like I put it on all the time... this is more to lip balm I would say.) hair band, tissues. 

So this sling bag has it all! 

This simple design of course comes out from me, yeah I know it is very lousy, without zipper.... do you know I don't like zipper? I like it this way somehow! 

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