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Friday, August 17, 2012

Handmade Money Belt

I use hand dyed fabric to sew this money belt for my buddy as birthday present, he loves backpacking and travelling, though he has got one, he bought one from internet for RM50+.

I came across a friend who bought one from Guardian shop for RM50 as well, but she complaints that the belt is not comfortable, and the fabric is sticky. I did read some of bloggers they have this problem too. Here I want to give some praise word to myself, that I use elastic band, and cotton fabrics, you can imagine how easy and relax feeling it gives to your travelling.

I did some searching why this money belt is useful.

Oh, by the way I offer custom made service, if you would like to have one, I am more than happy to make one for you, for more info, you may visit Sewing Octopus Etsy store.

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More info from this article - Travel with a Moneybelt: Your portable safe by Rick Steves

More secure than a travel wallet, money belts are your key to peace of mind. I never travel without one. A money belt is a small, zippered fabric pouch that fastens around the waist under your pants or skirt. You wear it completely hidden from sight, tucked in like a shirttail — over your shirt and under your pants. (If you find it uncomfortable to wear a money belt in front — as many women do — slide it around and wear it in the small of your back.)
With a money belt, all your essential documents are on you as securely and thoughtlessly as your underpants. Have you ever thought about that? Every morning you put on your underpants. You don't even think about them all day long. And every night when you undress, sure enough, there they are, exactly where you put them. When I travel, my valuables are just as securely out of sight and out of mind, around my waist in a money belt. It's luxurious peace of mind. I'm uncomfortable only when I'm not wearing it.
Never leave a money belt "hidden" on the beach while you swim. It's safer left in your hotel room (nicer hotels have safes in the room, and sometimes the front desk will keep valuables for you). In hostel or dorm situations, where your money belt shouldn't be left in your room, you can shower with it (hang it — maybe in a plastic bag — from the nozzle). Keep your money-belt contents dry (sweat-free) with a plastic sheath or baggie.
Packing light applies to your money belt as well as your luggage. Here's what to pack in your money belt:
Passport: You're legally supposed to have it with you at all times.
Railpass: This is as valuable as cash.
Driver's license: This works just about anywhere in Europe and is necessary if you want to rent a car on the spur of the moment.
Credit card: It's required for car rental and handy to have if your cash runs low.
Debit card: A Visa debit card is the most versatile for ATM withdrawals. (I no longer use traveler's checks.)
Cash: Keep only major bills in your money belt.
Plastic sheath: Money belts easily get sweaty and slimy. Damp plane tickets and railpasses can be disgusting and sometimes worthless. Even a plain old baggie helps keep things dry.
Contact list: Print small, and include every phone number or email address of importance in your life.
Trip calendar page: Include your hotel list and all necessary details from your itinerary

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