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Sunday, September 26, 2010

With My Lips I Will Bless You

This is an old hymn I have just learned from yesterday while we were having praise and worship rehearsal, it was one of the songs that Jimmy chose for today's service. Have not been so touched by a song, this acted like a double edges sword cut through my long hardened heart.

Thankful for God, I am still alive. 

Indeed, I have been trying hard to get lyrics and chord for this song, it is a new song to all of us (Joel Khor, Jason Kwan and me) have tried to harmonize it by asking Jimmy to sing for us many times, I was still worry about playing the wrong feel of mood, and I found no result ... not until the keep flipping page after another and got one from one of someone's song-list of a prayer worship meeting, it's in a pdf format, but still happy that I found it. 

The most happy thing is when I made a check over chord progression, I got them all right, happyyyy! 

It is really a nice song, in minor key, that will reach right to your heart. 'With all my heart I surrender to You'.

I think it is useful and great idea to post the song with chord, easier for others who are searching for this song. 

Here it goes....

With My Lips I Will Bless You

 .                               Am7                                               D
With my lips I will bless You
.                                  G                                                                     C7
With my mouth I'll sing Your praise
 .                           Am7                                                           B
With my eyes I long to see You
 Em                                                   E
Show my Your face

.                                Am7                                                         D
With my ears I long to hear You
.                                   G                                                                      C7
With my hands I long to touch You
.                                           Am7                         B                                  Em
With all my heart I surrender to You
.             Am                    D7            G               C
Let all that is within me
Am                       B                                Em                        E
Bless Your holy name      

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