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Friday, September 17, 2010

I go sailing home...

It was a very cooling morning, open wide all the windows as soon as I woke up at 6am, then head to kitchen to prepare breakfast, enjoying the cooking at the same time feeling good for the smell of the wind, not that much on the egg, all have blown away.... haha.

While we are getting ready to walk out from home, Gab suggested to skip school because it is raining, oh how I wish can skip school too, but this can not be a good reason to cancel school, if he has this mentality, it will then becoming his attitude towards all things in his life, of course my answer is 'no' in a gentle way, followed by my explanation.

It was lucky enough the rain stopped while he reach school, and I hurried him to walk faster into school, as there was still drizzle, true enough the rain came back, and the road on my way home having mild flood, all in my mind is just the song "I go Sailing", rushing back to home, cuddle myself back to my beloved blankie, continue my sweet dream, sigh!! Unexpected outbreak when I turn my head to the back to get my purse, I saw Gab's orange back is still sitting serenely and sweetly on it's seat.......... I hurried rush back to school to pass that bag to Gab, and it's still raining heavily, thank goodness that I went in by main gate of the school, park my car right to the place where Gab's class room is near.

I wasn't sure about which class room, asked the first class room, it was 3 E, then proceeded to another class room, the first girl sitting near the door is a class monitor, very clearly and responsive she replied "3W", then I saw Gab stood up quickly and with a worrisome expression on his face.

Oh poor boy, finally everything has over, I got home to check on my cellphone, true enough there were many missed calls, think he was trying hard to get me. So sorry about this experience he has had. That was the incident in this morning.... which totally blew away my sleepiness, great! can go facebooking and blogging.

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