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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Special Breakfast for Gab

Gab's breakfast menu is half boiled eggs, egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, fried eggs, cereal with fresh milk, sometimes if I am lazy, I just make him bread with butter spread that's it.

On a whim, I drove to Sri Melur to get two roti-canai for our breakfast the next day.

I will then keep these two roti-canai, a packet of fish curry, and a packet of dhal in freezer.

And I took it out before sleep allow it to defrost over night.

In the morning, make hot drink, heat two pieces of roti canai in a hot dry pan, heat up both fish curry and dhal separately.

Usually I have to walk into room to wake Gab up a few times, it is like a 'package' thingy, I have to finish doing things like 'shaking, yelling, patting, tickling, pinching and lying... (yelling 'it's 6:40am already which actually 6:20am!) then he will wake up slowly......
Can I say that is extra ordinary, today I just have to say:‘Gab, I've made you roti canai for your breakfast, wake up!', guess what? He flung himself up immediately...... Wow, I never knew that roti canai is that powerful!!!

Here is the first time I took his picture on the way to school.


This is the every weekday routine.

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